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The Real Definition of Our Verbatim Academic Transcription Services

Academic transcription is well-known as a voice translated to text service. A digital file with a voice recording is being transcribed in order to create a good transcript of speech that is contained on it. The file formats of most transcripts are Microsoft Word. This is used for data analysis or any other purposes that the clients need it for. Transcript academic is one way of transcribing a video file into a text file. Here are some interesting transcription facts you might be interested in:

transcription facts

How Our Service Works

In our company, we make sure that we employ individuals who are highly qualified to do the academic transcription services. We do not just hire anyone who applies in our company. We also have a set of standards to make sure that everyone is highly qualified to offer an academic transcription service to any of our customers. We are confident with the people that we work with because we make sure that they are highly competent to do any task relating to transcription.

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Our staffs are also trained in order to enhance their English skills because we know how important it is for the transcription services that we provide. An academic interview transcription is also given to them before we finally select our candidates. Each of our team members are graduates of a degree that is related to the services that we offer. We truly value our customers’ feedback and so we make sure that we hear your comments before we end the task with you. If you are totally unhappy with the service that you got from us, expect no arguments from us. We can repeat the whole process again until you get satisfied or you can choose to get your money back at any time.

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That is how we value our trust from our customers. We just do not give you the highest quality of transcription services; we also give you peace of mind whenever you choose our company to do the service for you. There is no risk at all. This is probably why we see an increasing number of customers who are satisfied with our services than a growing number of unsatisfied customers.

If you have any hesitations or further inquiries, feel free to contact us through our email support team or simply do a live chat with any of our available chat support representatives.