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    What Is Verbatim Transcription

    verbatim transcription services onlineThe word “verbatim” is a Latin term that can be translated as “word for word”. Thus, Verbatim transcription is a way of converting spoken language into a typed text while capturing the words exactly how they were pronounced. Basically, it means that you’re typing every word from recording exactly the way it is said. It is a task that requires an immense patience and attention to details. It’s definitively not just listening and typing. You perform a role of a transcriptionist, an editor and a writer at the same time. That is why we made sure that the people working in our team are able to combine all of the professional skills. We can provide you with any type of verbatim transcription.

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    Verbatim transcription can be divided into 3 categories:

    • True Verbatim. When you capture everything, like words, sounds, and non-verbal communication (laugh, gasp, pause). Example:
      Interviewer: Did you ever correspond with him at the time?
      Interviewee: [Silence] No… er… I don’t recall that. I think… um… I think I have some letters from him in my file though…[Pause] which came some months…years later.
    • Regular Verbatim. With this one you leave out the repetitions, false starts, non-verbal communication, ambient sounds. Example:
      Interviewer: Did you ever correspond with him at the time?
      Interviewee: No uh… I don’t recall that. I think I have some you know, letters from him in my file though…which came some months… years later.
    • Intelligent Verbatim. This type of transcription suggest a thorough editing, correcting grammar mistakes, fixing sentences structure.

      Interviewer: Did you ever correspond with him at the time?
      Interviewee: No, I don’t recall that. I think I have some letters from him in my file though, which came some years later.

    Effective Transcription Services

    hire verbatim transcription servicesSometimes you need an easy way to transcribe any type of audio into written form, but this can be easier said than done. That’s why there are plenty opportunities for transcription services jobs right now. With proper skills and equipment you are able to work without even leaving your house. You can work full-time, part-time or as a freelancer and plan out your own working hours. Whether you’re looking for a job or transcription help, professional transcription service can be your way out. When you need an effective transcription and you aren’t sure how to get it done, we give you everything you need and more!

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    professional verbatim transcriprionsOur service transcribes anything into written form, and we give you the best service because we are built on a foundation of excellence. Our verbatim transcription services get the job done by using automatic software to transcribe your file, and from there we have one of our professionals proofread for errors. This is how we have attained such a perfect balance of time efficiency and accuracy: we let our software go through to do the heavy lifting, and then our professionals verify to smooth out the kinks. Our affordable transcription services are turning heads in the industry, and we have established a service that always gets you a reliable transcription without taking a long time to get you results!

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    We offer verbatim transcription services that provide what you need in a transcription, and accuracy is the focal point of our service so that you can always depend on us. Why we are considered to be among the best transcription services online? It’s our dedication and professionalism that make the customers come back to us over an over again. Our job is to get you verbatim transcription services that are truly helpful, and that means making our services accessible to everyone. Our prices make it easy for everyone to get the help they need, and with our verbatim transcript you never have to think about how you will get transcription help. If you choose our best transcription service, we guarantee you:

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