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Transcription of an interview

Transcription of an interview is not as easy as it sounds.  The first aspect of interview transcription that drives people crazy is just how time consuming it is.  Transcribing a simple 15 minute interview could take you hours!  This is because someone is required to sit down and listen meticulously to every word spoken, and then write down what was said and to do it with no errors!  If you’re a student or a professional writer, you don’t have time to waste on this tedious task.  That is why your best option is to hire an interview transcription service.

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Why go with our interview transcription service?

The Internet is flooded with all kinds of phony services.  These transcription interview services are usually fly-by-night fake companies that will take your money, give you a lousy quality product, and then they mysteriously go out of business before you can get your money back.  Unlike the competition, our interview transcription service is very highly reviewed.  As a matter of fact, most of our clients today are return customers.  These are ordinary people just like you who needed an interview transcription service, gave our company a chance, and then loved the quality of work we did for them.

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About our interview transcription service

Our interview transcription company took time, energy, and dedication to achieve the reputation we have today.  The quality of our work speaks for itself in all the customers that came back for more of our services.  Our company hires the best writers and transcription experts in the online industry.  We do this because we cut absolutely no corners when it comes to guaranteeing our clients’ success.

Low prices, high quality, fast turnaround

Whether the interview you need transcribed is only a mere fifteen minutes or a whopping four hours, our experts will take on your project.  The process is simple.  You upload your interview audio file and fill out the form that tells us what your specific needs and requests.  Next, you make a one-time credit card payment.  Our prices are the lowest in the business and super affordable.  After that, you continue working on other things while our experts handle your transcription and get the final product to you in just a few days!  (Express options are available for a fee.)  Next time you need to do a transcription of an interview, don’t waste time and energy doing it yourself.  Take it to the professionals, and we’ll guarantee your satisfaction and success!