Top Reasons Why You Should Transcribe Your Podcasts

Why You Should Transcribe Podcasts

The number of podcasts available to users is growing on a daily basis. Many owners of blogs and websites are adding podcasts as part of their regular content.

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To maximize benefits you should be transcribing podcasts and using the transcript to your advantage.

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Some compelling reasons for transcribe podcast include:

  • SEO benefits – Having a written transcript of your podcast makes it much easier for search engines to find it, and will result in higher page rankings. There are podcast search engines that podcasts can be submitted to, but traditional search engines depend on text when they search.
  • Additional written content for your site – Transcripts or portions of transcripts can be used as blog posts with some minor editing.
  • Helps viewers better understand the podcast – For some, having a transcript they can follow as they watch the podcast makes some concepts easier to understand.
  • Makes podcast information available to the hearing impaired – Those who have hearing difficulties can still benefit from the information in your podcast, and you increase your potential audience.

By transcribing your podcast, ultimately you will be increasing the size of your audience, which translates into improved sales and increased revenues.

Options to Transcribe Podcasts

There are a number of ways to transcribe podcast audio into written text. Some of the options include:

  • Transcribe the podcast yourself – With your own podcast you will be familiar with the content, but transcribing does take time that you may not have to spare.
  • Use a software program – There are software programs available that can convert audio to text but they are fairly inaccurate and work best when trained to a specific voice.
  • Use a professional transcription service – There are a number of professional transcription services that can convert your audio to text, and for accuracy this is generally the best route to take.

Our company is among the best of those that offer podcast transcription services online.

About Our Podcast Transcription Services

We offer professional podcast transcription services for any type of podcast. Our transcribers are both skilled and experienced. When you transcribe podcasts, accuracy and speed are important, and we excel in both areas. However we also realize that many of those who produce podcasts may be working with limited budgets. Some of the benefits of using our service include:

  • Guarantees on every transcription we provide for accuracy and on time delivery. We have an exceptional team of transcribers, and to demonstrate our confidence in their abilities, we guarantee every transcription.
  • Proofreading and editing of every transcript for the most accurate transcription possible.
  • Discounts available on top of our already affordable rates.
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To get the most benefit from your podcast, contact us for accurate and affordable podcast transcriptions!