Top 5 Reasons to Make Show Podcast Transcription

What Is a Show Podcast Transcription?

A show podcast transcription is a word for word written record or transcript of a podcast. Podcast transcriptions are often posted along with the podcast itself. There are those who feel that going to the trouble of making a radio show podcast transcription serves little purpose.

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In their minds it is an additional expense to have the transcription done by a service, or additional work if they do it themselves. However, podcast transcriptions provide a great return for those who make use of them.

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Why You Should Make a Show Podcast Transcription

There are a number of very good reasons for transcribing podcasts that make it well worth the effort. The following are 5 of the top reasons for transcribing podcasts:

  1. Improve SEO – There are a huge amount of podcasts on the internet and more starting up all the time. There are special search engines you can list your podcast with, but Google and other “traditional” search engines search for text. A transcript of a podcast is keyword rich and will improve your ranking in search results.
  2. Add content – With a little editing a transcript can be made into new useful and relevant content for readers and search engines.
  3. Improve user experience – Some people prefer to scan transcripts before listening to podcasts to determine if it interests them. For others, reading the transcript while listening to the podcast increases comprehension and understanding. Transcripts can also be used to locate specific portions of a podcast without having to listen to the complete show.
  4. Reach a wider audience – For those with hearing difficulties a show podcast transcription allows them to still benefit from the podcast, an audience you would otherwise lose. The same applies for those with slow internet connections who are unable to view streaming video.
  5. Package as a give-away – Transcripts of a best show podcast or a bundle of podcast transcripts can be used as promotional material to entice potential subscribers.

There is also some goodwill to be gained by providing your audience with something that some of them will find useful. A podcast transcription service like the one our company provides makes podcast transcribing a painless and affordable process for you.

Affordable and Accurate Podcast Transcriptions

We know that not everybody has a big budget to work with, and we feel that shouldn’t be a barrier to those who want to benefit from podcast transcriptions. Our professional transcribers are well trained with extensive experience. To ensure accuracy, every transcript is proofread and edited by our professional editors. We are committed to providing accurate transcripts at affordable rates. Benefits of using our podcast transcription service include:

  • Guarantees on every podcast transcript for accuracy and on time delivery.
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  • Transcriptions formatted to meet your specific requirements

To get the most out of your podcast, contact us for great quality podcast transcriptions at very affordable rates!