Top 5 Best Radio Podcasts

Top 5 Radio Podcasts on the Internet

Choosing the best radio podcasts on the internet today and having to publicly commit to those choices in writing might intimidate some. However, it isn’t nearly as difficult as you may think. So with no further delays the top 5 radio podcasts on the internet today are:

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  1. The Nerdist – A comedy podcast by Chris Hardwick. His description of the podcast sums it up as him and his two nerdy friends talking about stuff, often with somebody more famous than they are. “Occasionally we swear because that is fun .” The Nerdist can be downloaded here.
  2. WTF with Marc Maron Podcast – Another comedy podcast that aims to answer the question WTF?. Download WTF with Narc Maron here.
  3. This Week in Tech – Roundtable discussion of trends in digital technology. This Week in Tech won the Peoples Choice Podcast Award for best overall podcast in 2005 as well as Best Technology Podcast. Download it here.
  4. Global News – A twice a day compilation of the 24 hour News coverage from BBC World Service. Global News can be downloaded here.
  5. Stuff You Should Know – A podcast from It explains hings like how does juggling work and other interesting topics. Download it here.
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Selecting the top radio podcasts on the internet proved to be as easy as expected.

Criteria for Selecting the Top Radio Podcasts

The criteria used in creating the top 5 radio podcast list is what made the process so easy. Of the hundred thousand or more podcasts online, I have passing experience with maybe a couple of dozen. Choosing the best 5 radio podcasts out of 24 wasn’t difficult. The list could be named the “Top 5 Radio Podcasts I Am Aware Of.” The  top 5 most popular podcasts are very good. However it is quite likely that of the many podcasts available, there are some that may be better. The problem for many podcasts is that while they may be very good, or even great, nobody knows about them. If nobody is aware of what they have, they will never get on anybody’s “top” list as the best radio podcast. One way to get more attention for your podcast is to take advantage of the benefits of podcast transcription. Transcripts of podcasts can:

  • Improve SEO – Transcripts of podcasts are going to be full of keywords in the topic area, improving the chances of your podcast ranking high in your niche.
  • Provide fresh content – Podcasts are a form of content. The transcript is content in a different form and Google will view it as new and original.
  • Improve users experience – Providing podcast transcripts enables those with hearing impairments to still access your content. It also makes your content available to those with slow internet connections.

Our company offers podcast transcription services at very affordable rates, enabling even those on limited budgets to benefit from podcast transcriptions.

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Podcast transcriptions and the benefits to be had are not a secret. Many of those with podcasts are starting to use transcripts to improve SEO and reach a larger audience. We are aware that budgets are often limited, and provide affordable rates without sacrificing quality or speed. Some of the advantages of using our service include:

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