Top 10 Podcast Episodes You Should Check

Top Podcast Episodes That Are Worth a Look

The podcast at one point seemed like it was on its way out, but has made a comeback and now seems to be fairly well established. There is huge number of podcasts in the English language, with estimates ranging anywhere from 100 thousand to as many as 200 thousand podcasts.

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It is likely that most of these podcasts will never be seen by the majority of people. The list of podcast episodes you should check out come from podcasts that many may already be familiar with.

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The following is a list of top podcast episodes from some of the best podcasts on the internet:

  1. The Read “Say No To F**k Boys” 2013 Comedy
  2. WTF with Marc Maron “Louis C.K. Interview Part 1 and 2” 2010 Comedy
  3. Welcome To Night Vale “Pilot episode” – Sci-fi/horror/ fantasy. There are many great episodes to choose from. Start at the beginning. Night Vale can be downloaded here.
  4. The Flop House “Tango and Cash” 2012 Comedy that reviews bad movies.
  5. Radiolab “Words” 2010
  6. Comedy Bang Bang “Farts and Procreation” 2011
  7. Serial “The Alibi” 2014 True story told in a series of episodes.
  8. WTF with Marc Maron “The Robin Williams Interview” 2010 
  9. This American Life “Switched at Birth” 2008 
  10. The Memory Palace “Origin Stories” 2013

Interests and tastes vary and with the vast number of podcasts available there are probably many noteworthy podcasts known to only a few.

How to Attract More Viewers to Your Podcast

Some podcasts are made to entertain, others to educate, and some are produced as marketing tools for services and products. Regardless of the podcasts purpose, most producers would like their podcasts to reach a larger audience. Many of the thousands of podcasts online are working on very limited budgets. Even so, it is still possible to attract more users and build a bigger audience by using transcripts of the podcasts you produce. Podcast transcripts can be used to:

  • Improve SEO and rank higher in search engines
  • Provide new, useful and relevant text content for your blog/website
  • Improve the chances of producing some top podcast episodes in your specific niche market.

Many podcasts are aimed at specific niche markets. Transcripts of podcasts are going to be full of the keywords that those interested in the niche are using in their searches. The search engines most people are familiar with are looking for text, and search results are based on specific terms and phrases. A podcast with only a brief description will rank far below one on a similar topic that has a transcript included with it, as the transcript will contain many more keywords than a short description. Our company offers podcast transcription services to those ready to take advantage of the opportunities podcast transcripts present.

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