The Process of Transcribing an Interview

Transcribing an Interview with Us

When you’re transcribing an interview there are often many different things that you need to deal with. The person you interviewed may have an accent, there may be background noise, they may speak quickly, at least one of these things will likely occur, and even if they don’t transcribing can be quite a difficult task. There’s a reason that people often overlook or ignore the transcription process, it’s tedious and challenging, but it’s often also necessary. Our professional transcribing interview service is here to provide you with an effective alternative, a way that you can get the accurate transcription that you’re looking for without having to spend a ton of time or worry about anything else. We’ve got great professionals on our team, and we also work hard to make sure that our service is easy to use and our help is always accessible.

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The Process of Transcribing an Interview

For most people the interview transcribing process is one that is long, fraught with difficulty, and very meticulous. Our service is here to simplify this, to provide you with the transcription of an interview that you need without any of the usual difficulties. Part of this is providing you with the most capable, accurate, and experienced professionals, but we believe that a big part of this is also making sure that your experience with us is as simple and accessible as possible.

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  • Complete our order form and attach your audio or video recording. You may also send us the interview later via email or share it via file sharing websites, like dropbox.
  • Proceed with secure payment. On the payment page you will be able to choose the payment method that suits you the best.
  • Receive email confirmation from our support team and send your comments, in case of any.
  • Get complete transcript ahead of your deadline. Check the format and request edits, if they are needed.
  • Our transcribing interview service also offers you free final transcript proofreading – feel free to request it!

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There’s no reason to spend ages on transcribing an interview after all the hard work that you’ve already put into it. We’re here to make that part of the process that much easier, and also to make sure that you get a interview transcribing that’s perfectly accurate.

Now transcribing interview is simpler and more accessible than ever, so next time you have an interview you would like to be transcribed then you know where to go!