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Would You Ever Need Qualitative Research Transcription?

Conducting qualitative research will often entail seeking people’s opinion through the use of interviews, this could be for conducting market research or even as part of your thesis. More often than not it is far easier to record these interviews than to take notes while you are conducting then so that you can focus on what they are saying. The problem of course occurs when you want to get what was said down on paper or even into a spreadsheet. Most of us are not skilled transcribers and even fewer of us have the time available to do it. Few companies still employ secretaries to do this type of work so really you have to outsource the work to a qualitative research transcription service.

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Where Will You Find Good Transcription in Qualitative Research?

The internet is a great place to find help with almost everything and transcription of interviews are just the same. The problem is that there are just so many companies out there that say they can provide you with the help that you need. How do you know which company you can really trust, after all everyone knows that there are many rouge sites and companies out there that will take your money and provide third rate services.You have to carefully check the companies to ensure that you find one like ours that offers;

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You have to carefully check the companies to ensure that you find one like ours that offers:

  • Transcribers that have recognized qualifications in transcription
  • Native English speaking transcribers (and other languages available)
  • The ability to read and produce transcriptions in any format
  • A full money back guarantee to protect you
  • High degrees of accuracy in transcription

You Can Trust Our Transcribers with Your Qualitative Transcription

It takes a special kind of person to be able to listen to many different accents and be able to type what they hear quickly and accurately. This is why we invest our time in finding the very best transcribers to provide your qualitative research transcription. We know that we can only provide the best services if we have the very best staff. You will always work with someone that is fully qualified that has been carefully matched to the specifics of your transcription. They will be able to provide you everything from verbatim qualitative research transcription through to transcribing data from your recordings into the relevant fields.

Our Research Transcription Is Fully Confidential

We offer transcription services that are highly confidential and secure to ensure that your valuable data and work is kept safe at all times. We also fully guarantee our delivery and accuracy levels via a full money back guarantee. Therefore you can order your transcription from us secure in the knowledge that you are fully protected in every way.

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