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Conducting research can take many forms from reading through many publications to conducting interviews. More often than not it is far easier to record things like interviews as this allows you to fully concentrate on what is being said rather than taking notes. But when you have finished you somehow need to get those interviews down on paper so that you can better use the information that you have gathered. It is very difficult to scan through a recording for trends or for specific pieces of information; for that you need a written version of what was said. Getting an accurate version of everything that was said however is going to take a lot of time if you have to do it yourself. This is why you should find a research transcription service to help you.

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What Can a Professional Research Transcription Service Do for You?

Transcription in research can involve far more than just writing down what someone has said. A professional research transcription service can provide you with a fully verbatim transcription of everything that was said but they can also provide you with other services that can be invaluable when conducting research. They can also provide you with data entry services that can intelligently populate spreadsheets of databases using your audio recordings saving you many hours of work.

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Our Highly Professional Transcription Staff Can Aid Your Research

From writing a dissertation to conducting market research for your business we have the perfect transcriber for you. We ensure that our staff are highly qualified and will match them carefully to the work that is to be done. This includes ensuring a match to the subject as well as the languages and accents that are being used in the recordings. Through the use of the best staff we can guarantee that you will always get highly accurate transcription for your research.

Guaranteed Research Transcription Service

We aim for the complete satisfaction of every client. In fact we guarantee it as we cover every order with a full money back guarantee that covers every aspect of our service from on time delivery to fully accurate transcription. Your transcription will be completed in any format or style that you need it in and will always be ready for when you need it. Our transcribers can produce accurate work even from poorly recorded interviews to handling fast speaking and heavily accented speakers.

If you need the best professional research transcription service and very affordable qualitative research transcription look no further than our experts here!