Podcast Transcription Services vs Free Tools

Podcast Transcription Services or Free Tools for Converting Your Podcast to Text

There is little doubt that having a transcript of your podcast can benefit you. A podcast transcript improves SEO, enhances the user experience and can provide more content for your blog or website. Now that you know the benefits of having podcasts transcribed, the question is how you should go about having a transcription done. There are essentially two options available:

Our accurate verbatim transcription
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How it works Prices
  • Professional transcription services – Companies that use live people for transcribing
  • Free tools – Software and apps including paid software that offers free trials.
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  • Very Accurate Transcription
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  • Free Transcript Proofreading

Deciding Factors in Selecting a Transcription Method

When deciding how to convert podcasts to text there are three factors that need to be examined. The accuracy of the transcription, how long it takes to complete the transcription, and transcription costs are the three main factors that influence choice of transcription method.

1. Cost

  • Free tools – The conversion tool is free. There is no upfront expense
  • Transcription services – The cost of professional podcast transcription services varies from company to company and depends on the quality of the recording, the number of speakers and how quickly the transcript is needed.

2. Time

  • Free tools – .Most of the available tools produce transcripts in a fraction of the time it takes a live transcriber.
  • Transcription services – The time frame for podcast transcriptions may range from 24 hours to a week or so. In most cases the faster you need it the more it will cost.

3. Accuracy

  • Free tools – Current software, although improving still has a long way to go. Transcripts produced using software will have to be edited which negates the fact that transcribing was fast. Extensive editing also cancels out benefits of the “free tool” as either an editor must be hired or you will lose revenue due to inaccuracy.
  • Transcription service – A good professional service will provide 98 to 100 percent accuracy. Not all professional services are the same, and care should be taken when selecting a service.

For good quality podcast transcriptions there is no doubt that professional podcast transcription services are the way to go. Our company provides a podcast transcription service that rates among the best of those available.

Superior Podcast Transcription Services

Our transcribers are skilled professionals with the training and experience to quickly and accurately transcribe your podcast. Every transcription is proofread and edited to ensure accuracy. Additional benefits of using our service include:

  • Guarantees on every transcript for accuracy and on time delivery
  • Custom formatting to meet your specific requirements
  • Courteous and helpful customer support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to address any concerns or questions.
  • Affordable rates without sacrificing quality or speed.

For the best quality podcast transcriptions, contact us with all of your transcription needs!