Outsourcing Transcription Services

A cornerstone of modern business is for organizations to concentrate on core business. This means shedding some of the administrative jobs such as payroll and outsourcing it to a third-party. There are some efficiencies that can be realized by doing outsourcing of a number of activities. Transcription services is one of them.

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Outsourcing Transcription Makes Financial Sense

Transcription service is something that might not be needed on a daily basis. Being able to send out projects only as needed can save an awful lot of time. There is a labor savings involved in outsourcing. An in-house transcriptionist is going to cost not just wages but also employee benefits. It is better to pay a flat fee to a third-party plan to hire transcriptionists to be on staff. Good transcription requires the use of technology, including software and the right equipment. By outsourcing, an organization can save money on the equipment and software, as well as free up IT technicians to troubleshoot other problems.

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Outsourcing Medical Transcription Services Promotes Efficiency

Medical transcription is something that is very time-consuming and requires staff hours to do. There’s also the equipment and IT services involved. All of these go away when the service is outsourced. Medical staff have enough to be worry about when it comes to medical records. Transcription services sent to a third-party allows medical records and IT people to concentrate on other far more important matters. There’s also the question of higher quality. An outside party can be held to quality standards and turnaround times more effectively than in-house staff. Quality control is something that other people worry about, and not the healthcare facility. Transcription services has its own staff that requires administrative work as well as managerial oversight. Outsourcing means this is one less area to keep control over.

Outsource Transcription Services to Us for Quality

We combine reasonable costs with a commitment to quality that is appealing to any organization. All audio recordings are analyzed by our software to make sure the words are understood. Our transcriptionist then goes through the draft and does his or her work to put verbal sayings into concrete text. Quality is assured because of the professionalism of our staff. They are very familiar with all the common dialects and accents. When it comes to medical transcription our people are very well-versed in the terminology of healthcare. This all means that an assignment given to us is finished in less time than what our competition can claim. Turnaround is extremely important and we want our customers to tell us the time when they need the drafts. They can be confident that we will deliver a perfect Italian transcription when it is needed.

Outsourcing is not a dirty word but a way of improving an organization. Transcription services can be outsourced to us without any loss of quality. Moreover, the turnaround time we expect from our people is going to allow things to move more quickly.

We know how important it is for management to find ways to streamline operations and save money. Using us as a transcription service is incredibly cost-effective without sacrificing any quality whatsoever!