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Do You Need Digital Transcription Services?

Our verbatim digital transcription services are highly accurate, affordable and very secure. Qualified transcribers with native language skills provide the best transcriptions online. In the digital age that we live in it is very easy to record just about anything to save some time. This includes interviews, meetings and even dictating your reports or letters. While it may be easy to record it is still necessary to get those words onto paper or into the computer and that means having someone transcribe what has been said accurately.

Our accurate verbatim transcription
  • All File Formats
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This will give us a document that will be easy to scan and search for information within. Not many companies today however can afford to keep dedicated secretaries and admin staff so having your transcription  done means seeking out good digital transcription services or doing it yourself; which would you rather do?

We guarantee you
  • Very Accurate Transcription
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  • Personalized Approach
  • Free Transcript Proofreading

Finding Good Digital Transcription Services

There are just too many sites out there that promise the earth but deliver pure rubbish. You need to carefully do your homework to ensure that you find a service that offers the following:

  • Fully trained and qualified transcription staff
  • Ability to read and transcribe a full range of digital media formats
  • The ability to provide your transcription in the format that you require
  • Very high accuracy transcriptions

Can Software Provide Me with a Quality Digital Transcription

With the ease at which a recording can be made it would be great if they were able to provide you with software that would quickly and accurately transcribe what you have said automatically. While there is software out there it is not always as good as the makers claim. Most people find that it takes a long time to train the software to fully understand their voice and accent. Even after a significant training period you will still find that it makes mistakes. This is especially true if there is excessive background noise and very difficult if there is more than one speaker. This is why you should never use a service that says it will use software to provide your transcription.

Guaranteed Digital Transcription Services

Our digital transcription services are offered to you with a full money back guarantee. If you have any problems we will either correct the problems to your full satisfaction or we will provide you with your refund. Our highly qualified and experienced transcribers can quickly and efficiently transcribe your digital recording even if it has excessive back ground noise or difficult accents.

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For totally secure and confidential verbatim digital transcription services that are provided by real experts just contact us!