Our Transcription Style Guide

There are quite a few transcription services on the Internet and many of them are substandard. They promise a lot and deliver very little. That is a problem because this is a service that can be quite expensive. We make sure that our rates are very reasonable and that nobody’s budget is busted. We have a transcription style that is highly professional and provides excellent service.

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Our Transcription Style Guide Includes the Human Touch and Software

We give the customer a choice. If they wish, a verbatim transcription is done that records exactly what the speaker says, including any “uh” or “y’know” said. We will also provide intelligent verbatim transcription that does not include the space filler words and nonsense. The customer decides what is needed.

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You will not just be speaking into a dictating machine with our services. The human touch means that you will deal with a live person who will contact you to gather any information about the transcription. We also use highly sophisticated software to make sure that proper English and word use are performed. Human eyes and expertise are used to make sure that the drafts are accurate. We do not rely exclusively on the software at all. It just minimizes the possibility of human error creeping into the words.

Our Transcription Style Leads the Industry

What we do is not performed by a number of transcription services. These less than the best platforms will rely too much on automated service, and not enough on professionals. We believe every customer deserves the very best we can provide. It is why we combine two very important qualities, the human touch and the software technology, to deliver the very best in transcription service. We worked hard to develop a reputation for excellence and we will not settle for anything less.

We Are Cost-Effective and Efficient

Transcribe audio recording can become very expensive if the wrong services used. Transcription is charged by the hour, and average transcriptionists will take longer to get the job done. Our transcription professionals are not run-of-the-mill people. Indeed, they are recognized experts who have worked on transcriptions in the past. They are either well-versed in the subject or they contact the customer for additional information. Nothing is left to trial and error. That is extremely important when a person thinks of how essential that transcription may be. We take the assignments quite seriously and we produce the very best.

Our transcription style has been proven to be highly successful in the past. Our customers appreciate our attention to detail, and are impressed by the knowledge of our transcriptionists demonstrate. It is all part of our commitment to putting the customer first and delivering the very best. We charge highly reasonable rates and we are also committed to a turnaround time. Anyone who uses online transcription services must remember that sometimes getting the cheapest transcriptions will result in the poorest product.

We charge affordable rates and at the same time deliver the very best quality. We never cut corners when it comes to delivering top quality!