Most Popular Podcasts

“What are the Most Popular Podcasts?” The advent of the World Wide Web has brought people with the convenient and easygoing lifestyle each could have. In fact, you can now take music, news and interviews with you while commuting from home to work and vice versa, especially with the invention of podcasts, which work somehow like channels or stations focusing on specific topics or genres. With so many of them, we couldn’t list them all, though, but we can compile them. Check out the list below to describe the ten that have been making noise in the podcast world!

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Freakonomics Radio

This is the top podcast from the same creators or authors of the book “Freakonomics” and “SuperFreakonomics,” both of which are discussing interesting topics to amaze you, and some include lottery loopholes, soul possession and bias on media. If you’re into these topics, you might want to check out the Freakonomics Radio today!

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The Dumbasses Guide to Knowledge

This is a podcast falling under a blog with the same name, mostly focusing on topics of exploring the different viewpoints in the society, of humans and of the world in general. It also examines the evidence and claims made by science, research and studies with a very critical eye and high standards.

Wait Wait…. Don’t Tell Me!

A podcast focusing on main events quiz, this is one of the most interesting podcasts ever made in human history. You’ll sure be hooked from the moment you checked it out. Its host will invite you to phone in, from which they will be quizzed in a very hilarious and fun way. Its podcast format will surely amaze and teach you with news knowledge that every one of us should be aware of.

Pardon the Interruption

Another interesting podcast, and definitely one of the most popular, it will surely invigorate your senses, especially if you were someone into sports news, events and athletes. You should stay tuned on this channel and listen to podcasts lasting for about 20 minutes and are about the latest and hottest topics of the day. You will love it while aboard a bus, a train or a car because this station can keep you entertained never noticing you’re already in your place of destination. Go and check it out even for long road trips or travel.

Anderson Cooper 360

Do you want to keep up and stay in the loop with current events, or things that bug the society or something just to give a bit of spice in todays somehow boring, monotonous life? Well, you’re sure going to love the podcast that features America’s popular host and anchor, Anderson Cooper himself! He’s the answer you’ve been looking for, in terms of updated news in the form of video podcasts, all quick and informative made just for you.

Radio Three Sixty ACC

You’re someone who can’t live without music! If you were looking for your daily dose of good music, you don’t have to find some place anywhere else because the podcast is the top choice among avid music lovers, who love listening to their favorite tunes, especially when commuting. You can just sit back and listen while your master DJ will take care of good music for you. The best thing about this podcast is that it gives you uninterrupted music meaning there are no commercials whatsoever in this station.

The Nerdist

Well, what do you think of its name? Fun. Different. Well, you have to check this out if you were on a daily commute because it is fun to listen to, as can keep feeding you with fun podcast by no other than Chris Hardwick. It’s a fun, full show to keep you laughing your heart out. Seriously, there is no dull moment on this podcast. Bonus: Here is where you will be able to listen to interviews with some of your favorite celebrities. Go and check out this podcast so that you can start enjoying the podcast!

99% Invisible

Sources say that this is an intriguing and interesting podcast!  Did you know that here is where you could look at architecture and design in a very different perspective? Well, it goes to show that it’s informative and valuable, all the same, so don’t miss out if you would love to engage in educational and fun shows brought to you by 99% Invisible.  Increase your knowledge and let your imagination explore!

Stuff You Should Know

Podcasts are originally made to inform and top educate, and those you could get by staying tuned on the podcast that invigorates your brain and increases your knowledge on all sorts of things around you. The podcast allows you to gain understanding of even the simplest of things, in a random selection. Here, you should be ready for a full wide range of surprises about the world you’re in. One topic example is “Was Atlantis real?” It is just a glimpse, but there is really more that it offers for the person that wants to learn so much of the things around him.

Point of Inquiry

For people always on a commute, well, this podcast may be for you if you want to keep yourself entertained in the middle of traffic. This channel discusses topics ranging from religion, science, politics and philosophy, among others. It stores over 305 episodes only for you! One more thing is that you will be able to listen to clean and clear dialogue where you can learn something new all the time.

There you have with the list of the top ten most popular podcasts to check out, depending on your interests, hobbies or preferences. Nevertheless, you can take them anywhere with you, so no problem of staying tuned while commuting, working, doing things you love or simply relaxing.

Be sure to check them out, as they are all interesting. Select which one suits your taste and interest, including sports, news, politics, religion, and general information!