Market Research Transcription Service

Do You Need a Market Research Transcription Service?

When you are conducting a market research interview face to face or over the telephone it is often much easier to record what is said than to try to take accurate notes while you talk. Being able to listen to what the subject says is vital and having to write distracts you from this. So whether it is a group of people or an individual making your recording is the easiest way to get a record of what is said. The problem is that a recording is;

Our accurate verbatim transcription
  • All File Formats
  • Any Audio Quality
  • From $1/minute
  • Free Proofreading
How it works Prices
  • Difficult to distribute
  • Hard to scan for facts
  • Hard to search for specific data
  • Difficult to use for analysis
We guarantee you
  • Very Accurate Transcription
  • Timely Order Delivery
  • Personalized Approach
  • Free Transcript Proofreading

This is why you will need to transcribe your market research into text, but who will you use? Few companies today employ full time secretaries or administrators so it either falls to you to transcribe your own interviews or you seek out good market research transcription services.

What Makes a Good Transcription Service?

Most transcription services work through the internet and the level and the cost of their services varies enormously. Finding a service that you can really trust to deliver a quality transcription is not going to be easy. Many of these market research transcription services will just take your money then seek out the cheapest person that they can find to do the work with no regard to the persons qualifications or even their ability to speak English. You have to find a professional service that provide you with;

  • A full guarantee for all transcription services
  • Fully qualified transcribers with experience in your areas of interest
  • High levels of transcription accuracy
  • The ability to read all formats of files and provide your transcript in your chosen format

Our Transcribers Make Us the Obvious Choice

We are very aware that it is our staff that will make you happy. This is why our staff are qualified as transcribers and also hold higher degree qualifications in the areas in which we ask them to work. We carefully match our transcribers to each job with regards to subject area, language and even individual accents to ensure that you get the best accuracy possible. Our aim is to ensure that you are fully and completely satisfied with the transcribing an interview that we provide you so that you will come back to us for all of your transcription work in the future.

Order Your Market Research Transcription with Full Confidence

Not only do we provide you with highly professional and qualified transcribers we also provide you with everything else that you would expect from a professional business. Your transcription is full covered by a money back guarantee for accuracy, delivery and the quality of the documents produced. We ensure that every document is provided in the requested format and style that you need. We also provide you with a fully secure and highly confidential service so that you can be sure that your data is always safe and will never be shared with anyone.

Our highly affordable market research transcription services are available through our site 24 hours a day, 7 days a week; so get in touch now for the best!