How We Transcribe Verbatim

best transcript servicesTranscribed Verbatim is an art. You cannot expect any tom dick and harry to do the same work with same zeal and perfection. Hence we are here to tell you that we are rated as the best transcription services in the field. And this is because we have always wanted to give our best to our customers. Verbatim transcripts are so much better than normal transcriptions because you get best of both the technologies. Like you get your work on time because we use software to transcript the first level of text. This way the software is able to pick most of the words. You need not worry about the fact that your work will be done by a software and it will not pick all the word are its English would not be of a sub standard quality. We will make sure that your work is seen by a professional transcript so that transcribed verbatim is of the best quality. Hence we are making many heads turn with this technology in this line of work. People prefer us over others wince we are able to give them the best turnaround time and also the best quality of work.

How We Provide Verbatim Transcription

Here is a simple five step process that will take you through the different phases of what we do in our team and how we complete each project. This will tell you how professional we are in doing business.

Order form. The first step is when you come on our website and show a willingness to get some transcription done. We have made the whole page so easy for you that you need to just fill a form to ask for the quote. Rest of the work will be taken care by our experts. The page also has a simple form where you can ask for a quote and precisely tell us that you need this much length of transcription in these many days.
Secure payment. Once you click “Order” button, you are redirected to secure payment page. You will be able to choose your preferred payment method there. In case you have large files, you may send them via email or share through file sharing systems like dropbox.
Email confirmation. Once you complete secure payment, our Support Team will get in touch with you via email to confirm the order. Verbatim transcripts will start now. We will assign a competent typist to your order, who will start working on verbatim transcription using the latest technologies.
First draft. When first draft is ready, we send it to you for review via email. You will be able to provide your comments regarding content and formatting.
Final transcript. We complete revision according to your comments and pass the transcribed verbatim to our editors. They will proofread the text and you’ll get a perfect verbatim transcript via email.

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