How We Transcribe Interview

5 Steps to Transcribe Interview Recordings

If you’re reading this page, you probably need to transcribe an interview.  You realize that it’s not easy to transcribe interview recordings. Even if it was, you still have other important projects to work on and you’d be much better off saving all those hours for better use.  That’s where our online interview transcriptions service comes into play.

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№1 – Preparing the audio file

In order for us to transcribe interview recordings, you need to send us the actual recording.  Audio files are preferred, but if you need us to transcribe an interview on video, we can help you there.  Just let us know that it’s a video file, since most of our customers send us audio files.

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№2 – Sharing the details of what you need

Right after you upload your interview audio file, you will fill out the simple online form.  This form allows you to set the parameters for your transcription.  For example, do you need a transcription of the entire interview, or only certain sections of it?  Also, what is the fastest you need the transcription back?  These are just some of the basics covered by the form.

№3 – Making the payment

Making one low payment for interview transcriptions is much better than spending hours and hours doing a shoddy transcription job by yourself.  After you complete the online form from Step 2, you’ll make the one-time, super affordable credit card payment.  You’ll find that our prices are among the lowest in the industry.  Best of all, our online payment processing system keeps your credit card information secure and confidential.

№4 – The transcription is taken care of

While you’re spending your time wisely getting other important things done, our expert team will be working on your transcription.  You don’t need to worry, because our transcription service has a record for nearly 100% accuracy.  Drawing on years of experience, they will transcribe interview recordings of any length and sound quality.

№5 – We give you the final product

The average turnaround time for a transcription is 3 to 5 days.  However, on the form from Step 2 you can select the time frame that you need the transcription completed in.  If you need rush delivery, that option is available for a fee.

So if you need transcription services help as soon as possible – we’re the best option you’ll ever find!