How We Do Insurance Transcription

The Value of Insurance Transcription

A primary part of the insurance industry involves claims. These are payments for damages incurred that are covered by the terms of an insurance policy. As such, information about the accident or difficulty has to be accurate. There is no room for error because the transcription may be used not only in determining claims payment, but as evidence in a court of law. There are a number of transcription services available on the Internet. It is regrettable but not all of them are that good.

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Insurance Transcriptions Companies Vary in Quality

Some of the services on the Internet advertise cut rate prices and deliver horrible service. Situations arise where the transcriptionist cannot adequately assign the dialogue to one person. It also can happen that dialects and accents confuse that same transcriptions. The result can be a hot mess of words that don’t make sense. It can place an insurance company in an awkward position. The transcription may provide absolutely nothing of value. The actions can be may be forced to a higher claim settlement primarily because the cost of transcription services was not that good. We do not allow that to happen.

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We Provide Top-Quality Insurance Transcription Services

Transcribing the audio recording of an insurance claim is not the place for on-the-job training. Rookies make mistakes that cost money. We have a staff of trained and seasoned transcription professionals, and we back them up with superior software. The software will examine the draft for unusual words, but the transcriptionist is the one who will work with the customer. This professional is used to dealing with dialects or recordings that have more than one voice involved. Everything is done to make sure that the final draft is complete and accurate. Nothing is left to chance and the draft is checked several times.

The turnaround time to file a claim is critical. Insurance companies lose policyholders and premium dollars if there are unnecessary delays in reaching a claim settlement. We respect that and we ask for a turnaround time to be given to us by the customer. It puts a deadline on our work and that is not a problem. We see to it that the very best transcription is delivered to the client on time. This allows an insurance company to notify the policyholder that much quicker. It helps them provide high-quality customer service and that is important to us. We want our customers to look good in the face of their customer or client base.

Transcription work takes time and ordinarily there are several hours of transcription work for every hour of audio recording. It is why the final invoice we issue is so reasonable. We can provide verbatim transcriptions or intelligent verbatim work; whatever the customer wants is delivered. Our combination of the human touch and the best software available makes our final product the most accurate transcription that can be found.

We are leaders in the industry because of our dedication to accuracy, and a concern for the customer. We deliver the best!