How Verbatim Transcription Works

Transcribing recordings can be tough at times especially when the quality of the audio or video isn’t as good as you want it to be. This is a serious problem especially when you are asked to finish the verbatim transcription as soon as possible. Instead of making several errors just because you want to get the recording done, or even use a transcription program to finish the job, keep in mind that there is no room for errors since this is an important assignment.

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Verbatim Transcription Rules

When it comes to verbatim transcription, there are four rules that need to be followed and these are:

  • Don’t paraphrase – You might think that it is better to paraphrase when it comes to transcribing but one of the rules is that you must capture every word in the recording.
  • Include non-verbal communication – Part of verbatim transcribing is that even the non-verbal communication such as laughing should be included in the transcription.
  • Pay attention to fillers and false starts – When transcribing a recording, you should also include any false starts or fillers that you hear.
  • Include External Sounds – Doors banging, water running, and dog barking can be part of the recording. See to it that they are noted in your transcription.

Having Trouble with Verbatim Transcription?

Based on the rules of verbatim transcription, it can be a bit challenging to transcribe accurately at times. This can be frustrating especially when you are pressed for time. If you can’t seem to make any headway with your transcription job or you know that you’ve missed something while listening to the recording, why not ask for help? There are plenty of transcriptionists out there who are willing to offer their services for a price.

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Verbatim Services

Since you are looking for verbatim services, don’t settle for anything less. Our team of transcriptionists are good at what they do and with our competitive rates you won’t find a better deal out there. Just send us the files and we’ll work on them as soon as possible.