How to Use Automatic Transcription Software

Automatic Transcription Software Is Meant to Be Efficient

Verbatim transcription work is incredibly tedious. It can also take an incredibly long period of time to manually transcribe information. Automatic transcription software will take technology and make the work more manageable. The software should be able to pick up the information from the audio recording and produce a highly readable text. That does not always happen. Anything that is automatic is going to have some deficiencies that have to be worked with.

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Automatic Audio Transcription Has Problems with Accent

Humans do not sound like robots. Each person has his or her own distinct voice use for communication. Sometimes that voice is not as clear as crystal. It happens that accents and dialects come into play; a New England Yankee sounds much different than a southerner from Georgia. This is going to cause some problems with the automatic transcription. The software may not be able to pick up on the nuances and produce horribly misspelled words. It can happen that the transcription produced is almost illegible. It is not a deficiency in the software, but technology has not reached the point where it can fully address accents. This makes working with automatic audio transcription software a little bit of a challenge.

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We Use Automatic Transcription Audio Files Properly

We certainly use the best automatic transcription software but it is part of a comprehensive strategy. An audio recording is first worked on using the software. This sees to it that words are not missed due to the transcriptionist not been able to hear or understand what is said. There is no perfect software yet, that would be able to transcribe flawlessly without human touch.

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That’s why we do not stop at that. The next step is to have a professional transcriptionist go over with the software produced, and make necessary corrections. This professional responsibility is to see to it that the software results are made better because of human inspection. Our staff also check with the customer to make sure what the meaning of the transcription is supposed to be. It means we will use automatic and manual transcription in a one-two combination. The end result is the best transcription work in the industry.

We Go a Few Steps Further Than Others

We are as concerned with deadlines as our customers are. We make certain about the turnaround time on any project we are involved in. This puts a little bit of pressure on our transcriptionists but we want to be sure that customers meets private deadlines. We have our own quality control system to make certain that efficient transcription never leaves our office. This is part of the service that we provide to all of our customers. The feedback we’ve gotten from them indicates that we are doing an extremely good job. Automatic transcription software does cut down on the time spent on the project. Using it makes the manual transcription easier to do and helps with the accuracy. We feel that using both is the best way to provide excellent service. Very few global transcription services are willing to put in that extra effort, but we do it to give our customers a high quality transcription.

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