How to Choose an Interview Method

You’re about to conduct a project or maybe to launch a new product or service soon, but you don’t know which interview method would work. That’s a problem, but it’s not anymore. Check out our tips on how to choose an interview method just right here.

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Interview Method #1: Mail Survey

This is what to use if you have a large target for the interview, especially that you are requiring massive amount of categorical data and that your population is widely dispersed. In this form of interview, you’ll be able to make your team objectives clear by involving specific team members to develop the questions. You have to use a mail survey also when you got an access to the people who are willing to process and then analyze your data.

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Interview Method #2: Web Survey

Commonly used as an interview method, web mails are appropriate when you’re equipped with the right knowledge of it as well as the right software. Well, this is pretty much helpful if the people to interview are technologically skilled in receiving, reading and returning you the questionnaire. Web mails are good, as time is money, and you can save it by using this method. When you want to offer your interviewees the option of inputting long answers and you want to save on the production and on the dissemination of the questionnaire, this one is for you!

Interview Method #3: Face-to-Face

When you have no list of the population or they don’t have telephones and cannot be reached through telephone or mail, then this one may be for you. Face-to-face method also works if you’re worried that the people to ask will not respond accurately or willingly because your questions are sensitive or complex. This is pretty much helpful if your target is a small population, living in quite the same geographical location. Finally, you will need this interview form if you require in-depth questioning.

Interview Method #4: Telephone

Just like the web mails, telephone interview forms are also cost-effective, but it may be time-consuming to talk to people one by one, if you’re going to be on your own. This is one of the quickest ways, however, to gather data and helpful if your target population aren’t skilled of completing written interviews. Use it if the questions are short, easy to understand and clear. Finally, do it when you have the staff to make the call for you.

Interview Method #5: Group

Do it if you require a rich description of what the clients require and if you believe that synergy of a group would help you uncover any underlying feelings about the project, plan or proposal, among others. You can also use it if you have an access with a skilled facilitator as well as a data recorder. If you’re part of the board, this method also allows you to understand what stakeholders need by using group observation, such as a one-way mirror or a video.

Depending on your purpose, budget, and requirements, choose among these methods to give you the best results in no time!