How Podcast Transcription Can Help Your SEO

SEO Benefits from Podcast Transcription

It is no secret that a podcast transcription boosts your SEO results. That is why there is an increasing number of people including transcripts along with their podcasts.

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How does the transcript actually help with SEO?

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The following are some of the ways transcribing podcasts will improve SEO:

  • Keyword rich content – Text from a podcast will be full of keywords relevant to the topic. The more keyword rich content you have, the better your chances of being ranked higher in searches. This is one of the ways transcripts help SEO that everybody is familiar with.
  • Long tail search traffic – Those often long and obscure keyword phrases that people occasionally use may pop up in a podcast, giving you a considerable boost.
  • Additional original content – One of the criteria for SEO is new and original useful content. A podcast transcription meets the criteria
  • Quotes from authorities in the field – A podcast where you are interviewing a recognized authority in the field will provide many quotes. Your SEO benefits from these expert quotes from an authority in the topic area.
  • Social media sharing – It is much easier on many social media platforms to share a small section of text from a podcast than an entire video. If somebody takes a look based on sharing that text and links, your SEO benefits.

Having a Podcast Transcribed

You may be ready to start reaping the benefits of podcast transcription, but aren’t sure what is the best way of transcribing podcasts. To get a podcast transcription, you basically have the following choices:

  • Transcribe the podcast yourself – For most people this is not very practical. Transcribing a podcast is usually a time consuming process unless you have plenty of experience
  • Use software or apps that are available – Many of these tools for transcription are available for free, and they are fast. However they usually produce a transcript with loads of mistakes.
  • Professional podcast transcription services – For accurate transcripts that will provide the most benefits, a professional service is your best choice.

Many people believe they can’t afford a professional podcast transcription.

Affordable Podcast Transcription Services

Many of those producing podcasts are on tight budgets and we are well aware of this. We are committed to providing accurate podcast transcripts at a price those with a limited budget can afford. Our transcribers possess exceptional skills and plenty of experience, enabling them to produce accurate transcripts in a short time. Using our podcast transcription service includes:

  • Multiple revisions conducted by our precise specialists to assure totally flawless transcriptions
  • Additional bonuses to returned customers who compose the bulk of our clients
  • Support services ready to handle your order twenty-four/seven
  • Intelligible ordering steps and secure customer position throughout the process

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