How Long Does It Take to Transcribe Audio Recording

It is reasonable to inquire as to how long it will take to transcribe audio recording. This is because verbatim transcription services will usually charge for services by the hour. Anyone who is using this must keep in mind there is more to it than simply typing a verbatim text. There is a little more to transcription work.

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It Takes Hours to Transcribe a Recording

A rule of thumb would be four hours of transcription service for every hour of audio recording submitted. That may seem to be quite a shock but there’s a reason behind it. Transcribing is an art of listening. If the speaker has an unusual accent the transcriptionist has to listen carefully, and perhaps re-play the recording in order to get the real meaning. It is possible that the subject matter has very technical terminology. This would require exact spelling and the transcriptionist may have to look that up in reference books.

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Number Affects Any Attempt to Transcribe Audio Recording

It is enough of a challenge to transcribe the words of one speaker; more than one is even more difficult. Words have to be assigned to the correct person and if several are speaking simultaneously, the transcriptionist has to determine who is saying what. That is going to take time. The rate of speech of the speaker is going to have an impact.  Those who talk very fast will require very careful listening on the part of the transcriptionist. All of this eat up the hours.

A transcriptionist who is experienced can go a little bit faster. It helps particularly if the transcriptionist is familiar with the subject matter. Unfortunately, an inexperienced transcriptionist who doesn’t know much about the subject is going to add considerable amounts of time to the final tally.

We Set the Transcription Turnaround Time with You First

Time is money and we do not want to waste either. When we receive an order from you the turnaround time is determined first. The transcriptionist will be working with you to make sure that the subject matters is understood. We will not take any risks with the transcribing work. We know how important it is for you, and our experts always keep the customer in mind.What we are able to do is provide you with a professional transcript of any audio recording. This is sent to you in a timely basis, so you do not have to worry about missing a deadline.

We combine the human touch and high-quality software to produce the very best verbatim transcription. Our attention to detail and the needs of the customer has put us in the front ranks of the industry. Transcription work can be a very lengthy process if the wrong people are entrusted with the assignment.

We are able to do things efficiently, quickly, and with a turnaround time that fits your very busy schedule. We can provide the kind of high-quality service you deserve and deliver the perfect transcription that you need!