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Do You Need Research Interview Transcription?

Doing interviews is a great way to gather information but you often need to stay fully aware of what the person is saying if you want to ask the right questions and not miss vital information to your research. This often means that you will record the interview rather than trying to take copious notes of what was said so that you can concentrate more easily. The problem with an interview however is that the recording is very difficult to sort through or use to find specific pieces of information. It is also far more difficult to share than a written document. So we will more often than not need to take those interviews and transcribe them into a written document for use with our research. Unless we want to spend the time trying to do this transcription ourselves we will need to seek out research transcription service to help us.

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How Do We Select the Right Research Transcription Services?

Your interview transcription needs to be done with a very high level of accuracy if you are going to want to rely on your research. Poorly transcribed data can potentially cause major problems in any research.

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Therefore your main focus when selecting any research interview transcription services must be on the quality and the accuracy of what they can provide you, you have to find a service that:

  • Employs transcribers that are native English speakers
  • Transcribers that are capable of understanding different accents and dialects
  • Transcribers that can provide quick yet accurate turn around for your file
  • A service that guarantees the accuracy of its transcription services

Highly Qualified Transcribers to Fully Satisfy Your Every Need

From fully verbatim transcription of interview with time stamps to selective data entry we have the right transcribers for you. Our staff have qualifications in typing and transcription as well as subject related qualifications in the areas in which we will ask them to help you. We ensure that your specialist holds every possible qualification and experience to help them ensure that your transcription is fully accurate at all times. Your research interview transcription will be completed by a real expert not a cheap freelancer who barely speaks English.

We Guarantee Your Research Interview Transcription

We deliver on time every time and provide at least 99% accuracy in all of our transcriptions. We also provide our clients with work in the specific format that they require whether a simple word document or data entry into a technical database. We fully guarantee every aspect of our services and that includes the safety of your data and your full confidentiality.

Contact us directly for your research interview transcription services if you want to work with the most affordable quality service available online!