Focus Group Transcription Service

Why Would You Need Focus Group Transcription Services?

Getting the views of a focus group is often vital for businesses and other service providers and the easiest way of keeping track of what is being said is via a recording. Recording a meeting or an interview is very simple and allows you to concentrate on what is being said rather than trying to take notes while others speak. The problem is however that a recording is difficult to share, scan and search for information; we will want the views of the focus group in a form that will be easy to use and that means text. Transcribing what has been said into a written form however takes a lot of time and far more skill than many realize. Most businesses no longer employ admin services and secretaries so the only way that you can get your recording quickly transcribed accurately is to seek out focus group transcription services.

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Where Will You Find Help with Focus Group Transcription?

If you search online for help with focus group transcription you are going to turn up hundreds of different online businesses that will offer to help you. The problem is knowing which is the service that you can actually trust to deliver with an accurate transcription in the format that you want quickly. Many of these “businesses” believe that you only need to be able to write to be able to transcribe but it is far harder than that. Some people talk very quickly, others have difficult to understand accents; some recordings are poor or contain excessive back ground noise. Being able to listen and carefully and thoroughly understand everything that is being said takes a huge amount of skill which is why you need to use a professional service such as ours for your focus group transcription.

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The Best Qualified Staff for Your Transcription Needs

Our staff are highly qualified in transcription and very experienced. They have the listening and typing skills that are required to ensure that your recording is transcribed in a highly accurate manner very quickly. They use the right equipment and software to ensure that they can recognize every word that is said no matter what format you supply the original recording in. They can provide verbatim transcription of what has been said by your focus group with or without time stamps. They can even help with coding focus group transcription or drawing out data into other formats. Our staff are highly skilled and capable of providing you exactly what you need.

Guaranteed Focus Group Transcription

Our highly dedicated and professional focus group Interview Transcription services are covered by a full money back guarantee so that you can order in full confidence. We provide highly secure and confidential services to ensure that your data is fully safe at all times.

So if you want highly accurate focus group transcription completed quickly and at an affordable rate just get in touch with us today!