FAQ on Podcasts with Transcripts

How can podcast transcription help a website?

When the audio files are transformed into written format more audiences can be reached. There are many to are unable to follow audio files, there are hearing impaired people n others who prefer reading more to listening. Moreover in an office or a library without a headphone audio files cannot be played as it may disturb others so a podcast with transcript can be of great help.

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Can we quote from a podcast? How to know the price?

A podcast is a series of audio or video files and transcription is the written text form of those files. It becomes easier to quote or link an MP3/ video when the audio/ video file has a transcription along with it. You may fill our quote request form in to get an instant quote with direct payment links from our Support team. Alternatively, you may use our price calculator to determine the price online.

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Why do we need your professionals to transcript podcast?

The audio or video files can be very complex at times. There are overlapping voices, background noise, break in between the sentences, poor sound quality, lengthy files and so on. Professionals are trained and skilled in transcription and with experience they become experts. They not only type accurately, but proofread it and do the transcription in the format of your desire.

What do we need to do to receive a customized podcast transcription?

First you need to place your order with the detailed specification in a simple form specifying your recording length, number of speakers and desired turnaround. Then you need to upload the podcast or send us the URL leading us to the podcast. After receiving the podcast we will send a confirmation to your email address and shortly your customized transcription will be delivered to you in your inbox.

How can we trust your online transcription service with our money?

We charge a very nominal price. For assurance of our client’s we offer 100% money back policy. Our podcast transcription service strives to make happy every customer, therefore, we offer free podcast transcript proofreading and guarantee timely delivery. If you are not satisfied with our services, please contact us via email and our Quality Assurance Department will investigate your refund request.

How and when should we place our order?

We are an online service available 24/7. You can place your order whenever you wish at your convenient time. Still, if you have any queries and need assistance you can call us, mail us or live chat with our customer representative. You can also ask for a free quote. You will be instantly mailed with the necessary details.

Place you order today and we guarantee that you won’t be disappointed with our expert transcript podcast services!