FAQs on How to Transcribe Interviews

What is interview transcription?

Completing transcription of interviews is when you copy a textual version of a recorded or spoken interview. Transcribing an interview can be useful for many reasons, whether it be the ability to conduct a more thorough analysis, or simply because you need the interview in textual form so you can publish or submit it.

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Is conducting interview transcriptions difficult?

It can be more difficult than it sounds. The primary thing that people have to deal with is the fact that expedient and accurate transcription requires you to type at the same speed as normal speech, which is much faster than most people can type. Furthermore, it’s common to have to deal with things like poor recording, background noise, or accents, all of which can make the process more challenging, tedious, and lengthy.

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Can I get help with transcription of interviews?

Yes, that’s what our professional service is here for!

What can your service do for me?

We’ve got a team of experienced, skilled, and efficient professionals to provide you with interview transcriptions of any interview that you have. It doesn’t matter if the speaker has an accent, speaks quickly, or even if there’s background noise, our team of pros can handle it all!

Why should I go with your service?

We work hard to maintain a service that’s high quality, efficient, and always accessible to you. Our team of professionals have extensive knowledge and experience in completing interview transcriptions of all different kinds, and can get you the accurate and reliable transcription that you need. We even have resources to show you how to transcribe interviews yourself more efficiently, and have specialized services for more difficult transcriptions as well.

What if my audio file is too large?

You may send us additional files via email or upload large files to file sharing portals like dropbox and share a link with us. We accept audio and video files of all formats.

How does your service work?

All you have to do to get a transcription of interviews completed by our service is to send in the piece of content that you would like to have transcribed, tell us any special requests and when you would like it completed, and our pros will get right to work and make sure it’s completed by the time you’ve request and 100% accurately.

Whatever you need, we can provide you with the best help!