FAQ on Transcription Verbatim

What is the cost of the Transcription Service?
The document transcription services that you request from us varies with the costs because it depends on the style that you want us to submit to you. We make sure that our rates are still competitive, and we make sure that our end-product is of high quality as always. Our team provides the most accurate transcription services to our customers, and we make sure that we satisfy our customers’ needs especially when it comes to their special requests and customizations. We make sure that our costs are as competitive as other companies because we want to build lasting relationships with our customers. Our transcription services are not what others call cheap transcription services because we believe that our quality is way far on being “cheap”.
How do you do the Process when it comes to Transcription?
Transcription verbatim and any other kind of transcription is not as simple as one, two, and three. We make sure that we are able to deliver the task in your desired time but it could not be just in a few minutes. There is always a process that we need to follow in order to have a smooth flow of process. For instance, verbatim transcription guidelines are given to the customer so they know what our guidelines are. Certain software is used when doing the transcription services and our team uses their skills as much as possible to make sure that they could carefully write everything that you needed from the document. After the process, there will still be proofreading just to make sure that the end-product is accurate as you would want us to give you.
How are the files sent to you?
We offer a support form for you to fill out and so you can send your files together with the form. If not possible, you can also use our support email, and from there you can send all the necessary files to complete the task. There is nothing to worry when it comes to sending over large files because we do accept any size of files from our support email. One may use Google Drive or any other program in order to have smooth transition.
How do you guarantee your work?
Our work is guaranteed fully by our team. If you feel unsatisfied with the results of our transcription services, you can feel free to send us your feedback and we will try our best to offer you revisions to make the task as accurate as you want them to be. If there is a need for us to repeat the entire process to satisfy your requirements, we would be glad to do so.

We guarantee you
  • Very Accurate Transcription
  • Timely Order Delivery
  • Personalized Approach
  • Free Transcript Proofreading

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