FAQ on How to Transcribe an Interview

How do I transcribe an interview?

There is one reliable way of how to transcribe an interview: sit, listen, and write.

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Why are there transcription of interview services?

Even for those who do know how to transcribe an interview, the task is not an easy one.  Transcription of interviews requires advanced cognitive skills by which people listen to an interview and write it out at the same time.  That takes a lot of brain power and a lot of practice.  Other people simply don’t have the time required for sitting down and transcribing an interview.

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Why shouldn’t I use transcription software?

Even the best voice recognition software is shoddy and flawed at best.  You can speak into your computer microphone, or into your mobile phone with the voice recognition app.  What you will find is the same: computers make a lot of mistakes and they pick up the wrong words.  If you go to YouTube and look at the transcripts for the videos, you will notice the transcript hardly matches the words said in the video.  And YouTube uses the most advanced software!

What makes you better than the other services?

Other transcription interview services are usually fly-by-night fake companies that will take your money, give you a lousy quality product, and then they mysteriously go out of business before you can get your money back.  On the other hand, our service has earned the high reviews from satisfied customers.  As a matter of fact, most of our clients are return customers who are pleased with the quality of our work!

How does your company work?

Our process is simple.  You contact our interview transcription service by filling out a form which tells us what your needs are.  You also upload the audio file of your interview.  Then you make a one-time affordable credit card payment.  After that, you let our experts take care of the work.  You should have your transcript in just a few days.

How do I know my credit card information is safe?

The safety and privacy of our customers is important to us.  That’s why our company uses a high security online payment processing system that keeps your financial information secure and confidential.

What if I need it sooner than several days?

If you’re willing to pay the extra fee, we do offer express services in case of emergencies and other unforeseen circumstances.  Our experts certainly know how to transcribe interviews under a tight schedule.

If you don’t know how to transcribe an interview, there’s no need to stress out.  Let the professionals do the work for you!