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Depositions are evidence that can be presented in a court of law. As a consequence, the accuracy of the final drafts is a must. The guilt or innocence of parties hangs on the words as well as possible awards of damages. Anything less than perfect is not acceptable before the bench.

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Deposition Transcription Must Be Done Carefully

Deposition transcriptions are bit above the ordinary. The transcriptionist has to listen very carefully to the audio recordings. This is not something that an inexperienced person should try. The reason is that the speaker may be talking faster than normal or have a distinct dialect or accent. It will require the verbatim transcriptionist to methodically go over everything to be sure that the exact words are transcribed. Some people try to use an automated service and that is a mistake. No matter how good it is, automated services can make mistakes based on perceived sound. An accent could distort the text.

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What also is true, is that the transcriptionist must understand the legal jargon. Many legal phrases are steeped in Latin and nuances that are not part of everyday speech. Failure to catch the phrase, can result in a very serious problem.

We Can Provide a Deposition Transcript Sample

We do a little bit extra to assure the quality and accuracy of our deposition transcripts. Software will be used first of all to make sure all of the words are properly there. The next step is to have a human being work on the text. We do everything possible to see to it that the depositions are admissible in a court of law. If a customer wishes, we will gladly furnish a deposition transcript sample for their inspection. It should be very clear by the quality of the sample that all of our work is one step above the ordinary.

Courts set their own timetables, and the judge will not necessarily create any extension. Mindful of this, we arrange with the client to establish a turnaround time for any of our work. The final product is presented at the deadline date requested. If not earlier. A customer can be assured that the transcription has been proved and is grammatically correct, and all the information contained in the paragraphs is accurate. The deposition can then be submitted with confidence as evidence.

There Is a Need to Go with the Best

Depositions are too important to settle for substandard transcription service. We work with the customer to make sure that what is needed is delivered. There’s no need to worry about dialect or accent contaminating the final draft. Our people are experienced professionals and can transcribe anything they are assigned.

It is always a smart idea to go with the very best service. We have a reputation for quality and accuracy. That is a higher standard than most other cheap transcription services. It is a combination of the best software and professional staff that has allowed us to be ahead of the competition.

Our team of professionals is very familiar with legal language and the nature of depositions. This is not on-the-job training for any of them!