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When conducting an interview or holding a meeting it is often far easier to just record what is being said than to try to take notes during the proceedings and becoming distracted from what has been said. Taking a recording is far easier in many instances from conferences to dictating a report; the problem is then that you need to transcribe what has been said into text. Audio or video files while easy to make are not that easy to scan for information or to find specific points so in most cases we want to provide others with a text version. Providing that text however means finding someone able to listen to the recording carefully and to type out what they hear. With most companies no longer having skilled secretaries or admin support this task will either fall on your own shoulders or you will need to seek out for interview transcription services with reasonable interview transcription rates.

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How Do You Find a Service with Cheap Interview Transcription Rates?

Cash for any business or individual is something that should never be wasted. This is why many businesses will often go for the cheapest service that they can find. This can often be a big mistake on the internet where many sites will advertise very cheap rates but will then deliver a very poor service. You should take more interest in the average interview transcription rates that these sites offer rather than just looking for the cheapest that often outsource the work to non-English speaking freelancers who have zero qualifications.  Look for those services that actually offer a professional service that will provide you with high levels of accuracy for your transcription rather than just the cheapest interview transcription rates.

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We Provide Quality Transcriptions

The only way that you can find a quality transcription is through using a professional service such as ours that employs highly qualified and experienced transcribers that are dedicated to ensuring that transcriptions provided, whether it be market research transcriptions or any other ones, are totally accurate. Despite employing the best transcribers we still have some of the very best interview transcription rates that you will find online. We keep our costs affordable not by employing cheap labor but by ensuring that our services are delivered smoothly and without complaints. This keeps our clients returning time after time when they are looking for transcription services.

Transparent Costing for Our Interview Transcription Rates

Getting a price for your transcription through our professional service is very simple, just use the calculator at the bottom of the page or go through to our order page. Just let us know the following information and we will give you a price:

  • The length of your recording
  • The number of people speaking
  • The turnaround time that you require

So if you need highly accurate transcription from a service that you can trust contact us for the most affordable interview transcription rates you will find!