Comparison of Verbatim Transcription Services Rates

A person usually gets what he or she pays for. That can be good or bad, depending on the service. Sometimes it happens that the lowest rates deliver the worst quality. It is important to have an idea what transcription services rates are to make a good choice.

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Transcription Services Rates Are Based on Hours

Transcription is a service that is on a cost per hour basis. A consumer must understand that an hour of audio recording does not equate to an hour of transcription style work. The transcriptionist has to be able to understand what is being said. If it is not immediately clear, time will have to be spent trying to get the wording accurate. A verbatim transcript is exactly that. Every word or non-word (“uh”, y’know, etc.) is transcribed. Accents and dialects can cause problems. Once again, the transcriptionist may have to hear the recording several times to get the wording properly down.

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Cost of Transcription Services Will Vary

The overall cost is going to be determined by the number of hours. That is a warning flag for anyone looking for transcription services. A given platform may charge a very low rate but use inexperienced transcriptionists. What this means is that due to lack of understanding it takes longer for the transcriptionist to get the job done. It can actually happen that a service charging a low rate will end up demanding a higher cost than a competitor. That is in addition to less than excellent service provided. This possibility should make a prospective user ask a few questions about the service to be rendered. It should not cost more than what is necessary.

Our Transcription Pricing Is Based on a Number of Factors

Time is certainly important, but we also look at the number of speakers in the recording, what type of transcription is required, and the turnaround time required by the customer. The latter is extremely important for anyone on a tight deadline. Our services include a real human being and professional software. Both combine to deliver the most accurate transcription possible. Our team of experts have a wide range of experience when it comes to transcription work. No customer has to pay for the education of a rookie transcriptionist. Our experts will also interact with the customer to make sure that what is needed is ultimately delivered. The turnaround time is particularly important. Many of our customers are on tight deadlines and we work to achieve the proper turnaround time. This means that we provide quality service with all deliberate speed. Nobody has to wait excessively long periods of time.

Our pricing structure is very reasonable. We deliver services of higher quality than many other verbatim transcription services on the Internet. We seek to economize, but we will not jeopardize the final product.

We encourage you to compare our rates against any other competitor. We only ask that you inquire as to all the services that the other company will provide. If they charge a lower rate but do not provide equivalent persistence, you may want to reconsider contracting with them.

We provide excellent and professional transcription services for the affordable prices we charge!