Cheap Transcription Services for Students

Students have need of transcription services, but sometimes for a far different reason than business. There are students who have disabilities that make it very difficult for them to write compositions. This is particular true for those who have sight impairments. They need the services of a transcriptionist to write major papers and dissertations.

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Cheap Transcription Services Are Important

Students do not have a lot of money. It is the case that many exist on tight budgets and low stipends. Not every academic institution has a program that provides transcription service. This can place a disabled student at a severe disadvantage. Insurance transcription that is inexpensive is what they need, but shouldn’t mean being forced to accept poor quality.

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Too Many Cheap Auto Transcription Services Are Inferior

Not every transcription service is a good one. It is unfortunate but some will take advantage of a disabled student. They will provide service at a low cost, but the quality is inferior. A student is trapped between a rock and a hard place. Nobody wants a poorly transcribed term paper, but at the same time the good transcription services may be too expensive. No student should be stuck in this kind of a mess and we take their situation in mind.

We Provide Low-Cost Transcription Services

We offer verbatim transcription services to students that fit very well within their budgets. Students will receive the very same quality and attention that any other customer receives from us. It means that transcribing drafts are checked through our software programs, and human transcriptionists work on the project. The very same quality control practices we have with the major customer are available for students. We want to be certain that these hard-working people get the kind of attention and quality they deserve. At the same time the rates that we charge for them are more than reasonable and well within affordable ranges.

Academia is not an easy world in which to live. Students are constantly faced with major deadlines. This way they know they will receive the needed product within the time frames required. They also know that this final draft is grammatically correct and a perfect copy. They will be able to present the transcribed information to their professors, knowing that there are no problems in the text.

No disability should be an insurmountable wall. Students with vision problems should be able to succeed in academia regardless of an impairment. It is our commitment to the customer that causes our professional transcriptionists to do their very best. There is a personal relationship developed, wherein the transcriptionist directly contacts the customer for information. The customer knows that whatever is done by our people is the very best. They also know that all the work was done at a price that was more than reasonable, given their very restricted budgets.

We are committed to quality and turnaround times that are consistent with what the student customer needs. We will not deliver anything less than that!