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Do You Need Research Transcription?

Whether recording an interview or dictating your report it is often far easier to record something than it is to write it or take comprehensive notes. The problem is that at the end of the session you have a recording that will almost certainly need to be converted into a written form. Most businesses and few individuals will have access to a dedicated person to do their transcription work for them so you will need research interview transcription services to get the recording converted to a text file. Doing it yourself if you do not have good listening and typing skills can take forever and will likely be less than accurate.

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What Should You Look for in a Good Transcription Company?

There are many companies online that will take your money and then provide your research transcription through the cheapest freelancer that they can find. They operate under the misguided belief that anyone can do transcription work. A transcriber needs to be highly qualified and have very good listening skills as well as good typing skills if they are going to provide an accurate transcription of your audio file. What good is a transcription if it is not accurate?So you need to seek out an

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So you need to seek out an interview transcription company that:

  • Provides high levels of accuracy
  • Employs fully qualified transcribers
  • Uses transcribers with native language skills
  • Has the software and capability to handle poor quality recordings
  • Fully guarantees their services

Our Research Transcription Staff Are What Give Us the Edge over the Competition

We understand that a transcription service will only ever be as strong as the staff that provide  the actual transcription. This is why we seek out only fully qualified transcribers to work with our clients that have many years of experience. When you come to us you will work with a true specialist that understands not only the process of transcription but also the subject matter that they are transcribing. We understand that in many areas you will need someone skilled in the actual subject area and not just general transcription. This is why we match the qualifications of our transcribers carefully for your research transcription.

Secure Transcription Services

We know that your research is valuable to you and this is why we spare no effort in ensuring that our services are both fully secure and highly confidential to protect your information. We also provide you with a full money back guarantee to cover your transcription. It will be produced to the highest levels of accuracy, delivered on time and of course in the specific format that you have requested. Besides, you may know more about our focus group transcription on our site.

So if you need secure, guaranteed and affordable research transcriptions contact the experts here today!