Benefits of Italian Transcription from Us

This might come as a surprise to some but not all documents are written in English. Italian is the language of high culture and fashion. Documents will have to be transcribed into Italian and that can pose a problem for a number of transcriptionists. This is a foreign language with its own nuances. A real professional has to be in charge of the project.

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Italian Transcription Is Not Always Easy

The trouble can be in dialect and accents. Northern Italian sounds a little bit different than southern Italian. The challenge which arises is that the transcriptionist may misconstrue a word or phrase. This can result in transcription that is less than perfect, and may cause some serious confusion. Deposition transcription of a foreign language needs more than just someone who is fluent. Unfamiliarity with the various accents of the Italian peninsula will cause a person to repeatedly go back and check what is being said. Moreover, more than one person speaking in separate dialects can just add to the difficulty. The result is a transcription project that takes a long time to complete. Transcription is paid by the hour and so that can turn the project into something very expensive. It also may be inaccurate.

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We Provide Excellent Italian Transcription Services

We are well aware of the pitfalls and that is why we work with potential problems in mind. All transcription is first checked by our software to be sure that the correct words are being transcribed. Once that is done we have an expert do transcription. This person is familiar with Italian and all of its nuances. Our professional can differentiate between the various accents and get the proper words down. We also maintain a direct relationship with the customer. Our professionals will be in contact to be sure that the transcription is accurate.

We Are Aware of Deadlines

La Dolce Vita does not always apply to business. We are aware that customers are committed to deadlines and that is why we go over the turnaround times with them beforehand. This puts us to a commitment which we honor always. A customer can be assured that a perfect transcription will be available within the timeframe requested. Moreover, the cost will be less than ordinary verbatim transcription service because of our professionals and the software. There will be no mistakes or omissions.

Italian is a beautiful language and it is a joy to hear. It is business for a transcriptionist to take an audio recording of Italian and put it down on paper as it should be. We are committed to a high level of quality and accuracy in all of our work. A customer can relax, knowing that we are working on the project. This is a beautiful language but people can make mistakes with Italian transcription. It is why a customer is making a good decision by coming to us.

There is a better chance of high quality and complete accuracy when we are doing the project. The Italian transcription we deliver is the best!