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What Can Online Interview Transcription Help You With?

Conducting interviews is a quick and easy way to get the information that you need for a variety of different purposes from an insurance claim to in depth market research. Recording these interviews is common place as it allows the interviewer to fully concentrate on the interview not to struggle taking notes and losing track. The problem however comes afterwards, someone has to transcribe what was said into a useable written form that everyone will accept and be able to use to find the information that they need. With many interview transcription companies no longer employing expensive secretarial support it means that you either have to do the work yourself or seek out online interview transcription services to transcribe your recording for you.

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How to Select the Right Online Interview Transcription Service

Not every online transcription service is the same; many will offer you a cheap service and then deliver a terrible service if they manage to deliver at all. Many of these online interview transcription providers do not employ any staff but just search for orders that they then subcontract out to the cheapest transcription freelancers that they can find online. The end result will often be that your transcription is done by someone that speaks poor English and has no idea at all about your subject or even how to type accurately. If you want your interview transcribed accurately you need to use an online transcription service such as ours that guarantees a highly professional service.

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Professional Online Transcription Service

The only way to guarantee an accurate transcription is to employ someone that is both qualified and experienced in doing transcriptions. We ensure that our transcribers are fully qualified and have many years of experience in providing transcription which is why we can happily provide you with a full money back guarantee on the transcription services that they offer. They can provide you with the following online research transcription services and more:

  • Verbatim online interview transcription with or without time stamps
  • Intelligent verbatim transcription to eliminate false starts and unnecessary words
  • Intelligent date input from interviews into spreadsheets or other software

Confidential Online Interview Transcription Services to Satisfy Every Budget

Our online interview transcription service is guaranteed to deliver on time to the highest possible levels of accuracy or we will give you your money back. We also fully guarantee the security of your information within our system and your full confidentiality at every step of the transcription process. Your information will never be shared with anyone.

If you want to use a service that you can really trust at a price that is easy to afford just contact our research interview transcription experts through the order page here today!