5 Podcasts That Will Change Your Life

The Best Podcasts Are Those That Make You Think

Referring to a podcast as life changing doesn’t necessarily mean a major spiritual overhaul, or a complete restructuring of your life. Sometimes it can be a very small change that may alter the way you look at something, giving you a perspective that you had never had previously. Here are 5 of the best podcasts for making you think:

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  1. Radiolab from WNYC – This podcast always has a main idea or theme it revolves around and that ties in with the different people, stories and experiences of the particular podcast episode. Download it here.
  2. Ted Talks Audio – This may be the best known of the podcasts included here. There is almost no topic left uncovered or it often seems that way. It is dedicated to “Ideas worth Spreading” and provides plenty of thought material. Downloads are available here.
  3. The Joe Rogan Experience – The majority of people who know Joe Rogan from television, are expecting something different than the podcast he is doing. Most find it hard to believe until they catch a podcast themselves. A pleasant surprise. Download it here.
  4. Intelligence Squared – Very intelligent people debating many different topic. Available here.
  5. Freakonomics Radio – Discover the hidden side of everything. Downloads available here.
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Although they may not change your life in a dramatic fashion, these are podcasts that do provide plenty to think about, which is part of the reason they are among the most popular podcasts on the internet.

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