5 Great Tools to Convert Podcast to Text

How to Convert a Podcast to Text

A podcast transcript can be used by blogs and websites to improve their SEO results, add written content to the site and to improve the overall audience experience. This, in turn, translates to bigger audiences and more revenue, so it makes good business sense to transcribe podcasts into text. There are basically two methods that may be used to transcribe podcasts:

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  1. Transcriptions using a live person – You can do a transcription yourself or have somebody transcribe the podcast for you.
  2. Transcription using software – There is some audio to text conversion software programs available. Some you can download and install on your computer. Others use apps to access the software online and so the conversion must be done while connected to the internet.
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The tools that are available for converting audio to a text are often available as a free download and some of the software that you have to buy is offered for free on a trial basis.

Tools That Can Convert a Podcast to Text

Transcription has changed with advances in technology, and there are a number of tools available for converting a podcast to the transcript to make use of the text. The following is a list of five of the more popular tools that can be used to transcribe podcasts:

    1. Dragon NaturallySpeaking – This is among the most popular of the speech to text tools and has been around for 17 years. It is now on its thirteenth version. It is suitable for everyone: students, professionals, enterprise users. Dragon is 3x faster than your average typing speed and is 99% accurate. With this software, you can give voice commands to your computer and it will obey. It is a great tool to boost your productivity.
      podcast to text transciption software
    2. CMU Sphinx – Sometimes also called simply Sphinx, it is a group of speech recognition systems developed at Carnegie Mellon University. The latest version, Sphinx 4, is a complete re-write of the original Sphinx engine entirely written in Java. This edition will provide you with a more flexible framework for speech recognition.
      CMU Sphinx software
    1. Dictation Pro – This software includes commands for copying, formatting and deleting words and passages which allows you to save a great deal of time. The commands are quite easy to memorize and they are designed to simplify and speed up the voice editing process.
      dictation pro transcription
    1. Natural Reader – This one works differently than others. It is actually a text to speech converter, not vice versa. But it is still worth including in this list. You can choose whether to use a free version of the software or a paid one. The paid one obviously has more features. It can read web pages, documents, eBooks, etc. If you look at the customer’s reviews on iTunes, you’ll see that people absolutely love it!
      text transcriber natural reader 
  1. Voice Assistant – You can download this handy thing to your phone and send SMS messages, E-mails, update Facebook or post to Twitter in a more convenient way. It also features automatic grammar correction and supports 30 languages.
    voice assistant audio transcription   voice assistant transcription

Voice recognition software has improved a great deal in recent years but as of yet none of the software or apps available are able to produce completely accurate results on transcriptions. Transcripts produced using software will definitely have to be edited if accuracy is a consideration. For an accurate podcast to text transcription, the best option is to use a professional service like the one we provide.

Our Podcast Transcription Service

Transcribing a podcast is a time consuming and tedious task that requires focus and concentration under the best of circumstances. When you consider background noise, multiple speakers, accents of speakers and other such factors in a podcast, it is easy to see how difficult transcribing a podcast can be. Our professionals have the skills and experience necessary to provide accurate transcripts in a timely fashion and overcome most obstacles. Proofreading and editing is part of our standard service to ensure an accurate transcription of the highest quality. Advantages of using our transcription service include:

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